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Johanna is away on long service leave during June and July. Book online now for appointments in August.

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Colour - New Growth

This is a tint retouch with less than 7 weeks of new growth, and no lightening or toning.

Tint retouch or partline foils (going darker). Does not include toning services.

Without haircut: 1hr 45m | $107.00

With haircut: 2hr 15m | $149.00

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Colour - Partial

This a freshen up of your existing colour.

Half head of foils, retouch and foils, long tint, partial balayage and scalp bleach retouches within 6 weeks. Includes toning services.

Without haircut: 2hr 30m | $195.00

With haircut: 3hr 00m | $238.00

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Colour - Complete

This is a big colour for changing seasons or looks.

Full head of foils, full tint with foils/balyage/foilyage/scalp bleach longer then 6 weeks, dimensional blonde or bronde services. Includes toning services.

Without haircut: 3hr 00m | $265.00

With haircut: 3hr 30m | $307.00

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Colour - Per Hour

Services exceeding 4 hours.

Colour corrections, big changes, or hair colour & cut appointments for people with very long or thick hair.

First hour $112.00

Additional time: $39.50 per 30m

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45m | $76.00

All haircuts include shampoo and blow dry service.
Seniors receive a $21 discount on haircuts.

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Each time you visit, a resource recovery fee of $3 will be added to your bill to ensure the sustainability of your service.

Please book your appointment online.

For any other enquiry, ring 0409 475 657.